Dear Users,

welcome to Publixphere! We are very happy that you will be part of our community. It is our goal to provide you with a space in which you can discuss those topics that interest you with others. In order to assure a pleasant atmosphere on our platform and that your interactions with each other are fair, we would like to point you towards the following rules and considerations:

Please keep in mind that the content you post on Publixphere is public. It can be read by anyone and captured by search engines. Do not therefore post information that is not intended for the public. This applies specifically to mailing- and email-addresses or phone numbers.

  1. It is very important to us that you meet each other with respect. With our moderation, we aim to ensure a framework for substantial exchange.
  2. Campaigns and stigmatizations based on descent, worldview (“Weltanschauung”), religious affinity, nationality, gender, sexual orientation or social status are not allowed. Comments that are aimed simply to personally degrade or vilify will be deleted.
  3. Upon registering you commit yourselves to not compose obscene, impious, inhuman content or such that glorifies violence.
  4. Libel and other litigable statements will be deleted, as will obvious historical revisionism.
  5. Comments that are aimed simply at provocatively disturbing the factual exchange of arguments in a discussion (Trolls!) may be deleted.
  6. Contributions should thematically fit the discussion, be drafted in understandable language and follow the basic rules of spelling and grammar as far as possible.
  7. By posting a comment you commit yourself to only publish content for which you possess the right of utilization. The citing of copyrighted materials is only allowed if you use short excerpts of this material and if you indicate authorship accordingly by naming the author. Use the possibility of linking to your sources! Quotes should never stand alone, but meaningfully enhance your argument.
  8. Content that is ostensibly posted with the purpose of advertising will be deleted.
  9. We welcome criticism about our work, yet this should also be formulated in a reasonable manner and not contain allegations or offensive content against the author/s.
  10. The criteria here mentioned apply also to the links you post to other websites. 
  11. Please also respect the applicable guidelines when choosing a user name.


Should you have technical or content-related questions, please contact our community management at community[at]

We wish you enjoyable discussions!

Your Publixphere-team


Moderation Guidelines

We are committed to moderating your contributions as transparently as possible. The following points describe how and when we intervene:

  • We intervene when a contributions violates against the above guidelines.
  • In most cases we will not remove the entire contribution, but only individual portions of text. Most of the time, we will explain our intervention through a brief comment and mark where we have shortened the respective contribution. Should a comment lose its validity completely through our intervention, we will delete the entire comment and make this transparent.
  • We will close discussions that have moved too far from their original topic or if many of the comments violate our rules. The termination of the commenting function will generally happen after prior notice, or immediately only in exceptional cases.
  • We will contact users by email if they violate our rules repeatedly or in a particularly harsh manner. In cases of heavy or repeated abuse we will exclude users from the community.
  • Please do not post your questions and considerations for the moderators as a public comment. You may feel free to write to community[at] at any time.


Last, but not least…

We would like to encourage you to read your comments before pressing the “send” button. Could the comment be understood as being offensive to other users? Is it formulated in a manner that could be misunderstood? Does it express what you want to say and should the whole world know about this opinion?

Have fun!