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    I live in Spain and the example of Citizen Parties here - as in Greece - was to be expected. But the situation in Spain is not the same as that of Greece. I see little austerity here. The govt made some major cuts to public spending, and the unemployed youth went abroad. The high level of unemployment here is amongst the South American construction labourers who came here 10 years ago. But Spain is no longer in Recession. The citizen parties - Ciudadanos and Podemos - gained votes because of corruption - years of corruption. However if Spain were in the same level of unpayable debt, It's citizen parties wouldn't be able to follow through any of their manifestos. Not that they can now. It was regional voting, all they can do us veto and block the leading PP Party...which is certainly better than before. However, they will have to prove themselves economically viable if they want to win the General Election.