"I do not have any relation to the European Union"

Foto"A lot of Germans are blinded by rose-colored glasses." Photo: LM

Many Poles are dissatisfied with their economic situation, according to geriatric nurse Barbara Mikulska. For her, that's the main reason why the national-conservative party "Law and Justice" (PiS) have won the election in Poland.

An Interview by Lisa Masthoff (Policy Lab) (German version)

About Barbara Mikulska

Barbara Mikulska (55 years old) from Nowa Jabłona was educated as office clerk, but was not able to find a job in Poland. Thus, she moved to Germany in order to work as geriatric nurse. For a year she's been taking care of an elderly lady in Lüneburg, near Hamburg.

Lisa Masthoff: Where do you catch up on the political developments in Poland while living in Germany?

Barbara Mikulska: I read the news online, a lot. I have the feeling that I can find pure news only there. I don't watch TV at all anymore because the media are copying the government’s statements. To be honest, sometimes, I do not even know what to believe in.

Lisa Masthoff: What do you think about the German media reporting on the change of government in Poland in October 2015?

Barbara Mikulska: A lot of Germans are blinded by rose-colored glasses. Unfortunately, the structures of our welfare state are not as good as in Germany. Many students are unemployed after having paid a lot of money for their studies. Look at me, although I would love to be with my husband and my children, I can only find work here, in Germany. And my family needs me, too. Many things have been changing: Polish employees get work in Germany because they accept lower wages unlike their German counterparts. And Romanians do the same and work in Poland for lower wages. Anywhere else, I could not earn as much as I am earning here. Many Polish people feel the same. I think, that’s why they voted for PiS – one can understand it. Isn’t it human?

Lisa Masthoff: Do you believe that Poland will turn away from Europe due to the policy of the new government?

Barbara Mikulska: Yes and no. Many Polish people have been very dissatisfied with Europe. As a citizen you cannot really understand what is happening in Brussels. I do not have any relation to the European Union. It doesn't affect me. However, I feel that a lot of my friends do not have jobs and this turns us unhappy. Additionally, we cannot take as many refugees as Germany.

Lisa Masthoff: Do you think the refugee crisis is the main reason for the change of government?

Barbara Mikulska: No, the main reason is the reform „500 plus“ which PiS has promised. Families shall receive more child benefits. As until today, you receive 25 Euros per child. Is this meant to be a joke? The new government has been promosing child benefits of 500 Zlotys (appr. 120 Euro per child). Some are afraid people will rather become lazy and stop working. I believe it is nothing but fair. We will see if the party can keep its promises.

Lisa Masthoff: Are you afraid of a breakdown of the Polish constitutional state?

Barbara Mikulska: Our constitutional court mainly consists of members from the old government. It is not surprising that PiS party is defending itself.

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